I’ve always been fascinated with bucketlists. I think that the things on them can be so revealing of someone’s personality. I guess a lot of other people like them too because it was pretty easy to find ideas for mine. Any how, what would YOU want to do before you died? What would you want to do in the next five years?


Buy a DSLR “professional” camera 2012

Create better light

Decorate an entire wall in photographs

Have an entirely black and white album

Take a photography class

Start a 30 day photo challenge 2012

Finish a 30 day photo challenge



Sew something I’d wear out 2013

Make something that I’d want to keep forever

Own a sewing machine 2013

Make a real quilt 2013

Make my house look homey 2013




Go tubing off of a boat or jetski

Go scuba diving

Take a surf lesson (or 2. or 10) 2014

Try out a wave runner

Rope swing into a lake

Go parasailing

Be in / behind a waterfall


Run a 5k, finish in the top half 2012

Go snowmobiling

Try a yoga class 2012 [because p90x counts]


Go skydiving with my dad 2010

Go zip lining 2017

Go bridge jumping 2012

Go cliff jumping



Know what I want to do, have, and be

Get out of debt 2010

Get out of my new debt 2015

Find something I’m really good at [besides hula hooping of course]

Feel financially secure 2018

Find a freakin job and not have to wake up for it at 5am 2009

Full time job with benefits 2012

Go to college 2009

Take a psychology class 2011


Self Improvement

Change the oil in my car

Volunteer at a shelter 2016

Get wasted, figure out what’s too much 2009

Give blood 2014

Learn basic car maintenance

Take care of someone who matters 2009

Donate money to a good cause 2011 [PP]

See a professional musical 2013


Just for Fun

Find a four leaf clover 2008

Get a tattoo 2009

Play hookie for a day 2011

Get a cowboy hat 2008

Drink tequila 2011

Find a sand dollar

Get a caricature 2017

Have a lucid dream

Sneak out 2008

Find a perfect pair of jeans 2011

Sex in a public place 2012

Ride the millennium force at cedar point 2011

Ride the cool bike at COSI

Ride a motorcycle 2018

Go to a concert 2010

Go to a mumford and sons concert 2012

Ride a mechanical bull

Graffiti something 2010

Skip class 2009

Get a hammock 2018

Learn to play poker 2011

Learn to play euchre 2011

See halley’s comet in 2061

Learn to tie a tie




Spend a couple weeks in europe 2013

Go to Greece

Go to Italy

    Trevi Fountain 2015

See the Eiffle tower in person

Drive on the autobahn 2015

See the northern lights (fo’ real)

Go to Spain 2015


See an abandoned city

Visit the galapagos islands

Eat at the top of the world restaurant in NY

Go on a road trip

Vacation with my husband 2014

Learn to speak Spanish

Go to a burning man festival

Go to Thailand for their new year [water festival] or at all

Loy Krathong, the sky lantern festival in Thailand

Visit the dead sea

Go to NY  for New Years

Vacation with friends

Go to Hawaii

Drink in Mexico

Go to the Bahamas (Harbor Island)

Go to Australia



Get married 2013

Tell my mom what I really think of her 2007

Move out of my mom’s 2008

Not be angry with her 2012

Feel safe

Have my own place 2011

Have a cuddly pet 2011

Live on the coast 2012

Have a tree house [for the kids of course]

Get a really big dog

Buy a house 2017

See Sarahanne’s kids 2014


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